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About Us

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.
— Arthur Rubinstein

For the Love of Seafood


La Sirena Seafood was inspired by owner and chef, Kyle Rubino and his wife's love of food. Having worked in the food industry from a young age and his entire career in fine dining and catering, Kyle desired to make quality food more accessible - especially during the work week when so many people spend their days rushing. The idea of a food truck was born in order to service the commuter and local workforce. La Sirena Seafood is a family run business dedicated to providing the local community with a healthier and tastier alternative to processed and fast food at an affordable price. 

Kyle's special handling and preparation of seafood were what truly inspired the theme. La Sirena works with Downeast Seafood in Hunt's Point, whom they have had a working relationship with for the last 5 years and consistently provides the highest quality seafood. Kyle has mastered the art of respecting each seafood's individual qualities, while delicately enhancing them to bring you an experience that is unsurpassed. 

For those that prefer meat, La Sirena Seafood Catering has plenty of meat options available. Those visiting La Sirena's Food Truck and Breakfast have the option of substituting chicken for any seafood dish. La Sirena @ Clarkstown Pools, you will find an abundance of meat and seafood selections, along with options for those with specific dietary restrictions, such as food free of the most common allergens - and some not so common. Kyle also provides weekly specials, some of which may include meat options. 

La Sirena Seafood is brought to you with love. The theme, products, food, and anything else that may be presented to you, is a product of the love and collaboration between our family. Therefore, when we say, "for the love of seafood", we truly mean for love - of life - family - hopes - goals - aspirations - possibilities. We are inviting you to share a little in our lives, as we share some of our love with you!


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Our Staff

We knew we were going to have to expand this summer, when we were given the opportunity to manage the concession stands at the Clarkstown pools. Fortunately, we have been blessed with an amazing staff that have really been an extension of us, allowing La Sirena to continue to develop in a different facet. The majority of our staff members are people we have known most of our lives, are part of the food industry, and members of our family!